Please note:

1 You may not bring baked goods containing uncooked dairy products or uncooked eggs. Cheese cream tortes, flavoured vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, may be ordered in advance for €25 per torte. Baked goods not containind the aforementioned ingredients may be brought and consumed freely.

2 Additional food and drinks may be bought in-house, you may not bring them with you.

3 We will gladly take your individual menu order on the day of the party.

Plush Crocodile "JOLO"

Our human-sized plush crocodile "Jolo" visits your table, offers congratulations to the brithday celebrant and entertains your guests. Afterwards the celebrant and the entire group of children are photographed with "Jolo". We print both photos in high quality for the birthday celebrant to take home. A fun surprise for children aged 4 years or more.

For toddlers up to 3 we advise to choose no Party-Package but the normal entrance fee without the auxiliary services.

Terms of Service:

Party bookings not canceled at least one whole day in advance incur a cancelling fee of €20,-. Food or drinks (except baked goods not containing uncooked dairy products or uncooked eggs and/or baby food) may not be brought onto or be consumed on the premises. Doing so incurs a fee of €20,-.

Birthday Parties at JOLO's

Marked * information is compulsory.

We host your birthday party for 4 or more children. As an additional present, the child celebrating his or her birthday pays no admittance fee!

Party Packages

Party Package Mini Mini-Plus Standard
Admittance fee
Decorated, laid table1
0,5 litre soft drink per guest2
1 Slushie per guest2
1 Menu per guest3


Party Package Mini Mini-Plus Standard
Wed - Fri Child 8,00 € 9,50 € 15,00 €
Adult 4,50 € 6,00 € 10,00 €
Sat, Sun, Holidays,
Child 9,00 € 10,50 € 16,00 €
Adult 5,00 € 6,50 € 10,50 €
Birthday Celebrant 1,00 € 2,50 € 6,50 €
Plush Crocodile „JOLO“ 10,00 €

Fees are reduced by €1,- for groups of 10 children or more.


Total Numbers of Guests

Requested Date

Your Information

Birthday Celebrant

I have read and accepted the Terms of Service

Opening Hours

Wednesday-Friday   2pm - 7pm
Saturday, Sunday,
11am - 7pm
School vacations11am - 7pm


  • Hamburgers
  • Chicken Nuggets with french fries or potato wedges
  • Fish Fingers with french fries or potato wedges
  • 1 pair of Bratwurst with baguette
  • Mini-Meatballs
  • Mini-Pizzas

All dishes are served on platters.

Accompanying Adults

If the Standard or Premium Party Packages are booked for children, accompanying adults may choose just the Mini Party Package (without food or drinks).

Note to Parents:

Please bring socks with rubberized soles or ballet slippers for your children. Normal socks don't provide as much traction in the playing areas.

Shoes or bare feet are not allowed due to hygiene.